Book review: Webs of influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion

I’ve just started reading a new book that’s been published called Webs of influence: The Psychology of online persuasion.

It’s written by Nathalie Nahai otherwise known as The Web Psychologist.

I’ve been following Nathalie on Twitter after reading about her during Social Media Week London in February of this year. Since then I’ve been eagerly anticipating the publishing of her book.

The book looks at the psychology of online behaviour and how people and businesses can increase their online influence by having a better understanding of how people behave online.

As a writer I’m interested in how the words we use when writing can influence, motivate, inform and inspire readers.

To do this you have to know your audience. You can’t influence or persuade people if you don’t know who they are, how they think, feel and act.

When you begin looking at the factors that make your audience and customers tick – you’re taking steps into the field of psychology; you’re trying to understand human behaviour.


I’ve always understood that psychology plays an important role in areas such as marketing and advertising. As we spend more time online – with more business increasingly being conducted in the digital world. It seems only natural to start looking at the psychology of our online behaviour.

When I started my career in writing I obviously wanted to develop my skills as a writer, but I can see now that when it comes to creating content, understanding your audience and how they think and behave is increasingly important – this is why I’d recommend this book if you’re involved in creating online content.