Happy Birthday WordPress

I found out today that it’s the 10th birthday of WordPress.

I think everyone involved in digital publishing knows about WordPress, and recognise its importance and influence. Almost 70 million websites around the world use WordPress as a content management system.

When I first started blogging, there was a choice between Google’s Blogger and WordPress. I chose Blogger and although I don’t regret that decision I began to realise that WordPress was a more versatile platform.

This website is on a WordPress. When I decided I wanted to create a portfolio website, WordPress was always going to be my platform of choice.

What’s great about WordPress is that it’s a perfect platform for digital publishing novices and experts. For the beginner it doesn’t intimidate you and you quickly realise you can pick up a lot of digital publishing skills very quickly.

For the those people more advanced, WordPress still provides the opportunity to create quite sophisticated and specialised websites. It’s little wonder that the media giants like CNN, The New York Times and Reuters, all use WordPress.

After 10 years WordPress has become the go to first choice for digital publishers.