Collaboration: What Daft Punk can teach you

I’m listening to the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories which has just been released.

As it’s the duo’s first album in 8 years, it’s received a lot of media coverage and the first single off the album Get Lucky has topped the charts for a number of weeks.

I’m a huge fan of dance and electronic music and Daft Punk have been one of my favourite artists since I first discovered them in the mid 90s.

What I love about the new album are the collaborations with other musicians many of them are also some of my favourite artists.

They’ve produced an album that’s a Daft Punk album but it’s also a piece of musical content that’s just as much about a different musical artists coming together.

There’s Pharrell Williams from NERD, who I love. The legend that is Giorgio Moroder most famously known for the Donna Summer classic ‘I Feel Love’. Todd Edwards, one of my favourite House & Garage producers, and finally the guitar sounds of Chic’s Nile Rogers on the hit single Get Lucky.

Thinking about this collaboration I thought about how collaborating with others can help in creating better content.

Writing for your website or blog can be time consuming – working with others can reduce the stress and load of creating content. I also think that in the same way that musicians can inspire and learn from each other the same can be said for writers.

Find bloggers to work with

If you’re struggling to create enough content, you can always find bloggers within your industry or niche and ask if they’d be interested in contributing to your website or blog. Perhaps you can work together to create a more in depth article or blog post for your readers.

It can be mutually beneficial for both parties. You might be able to introduce them to a new audience and might also be able to do the same for you.

In the same way Daft Punk have worked with artists they admire and who have inspired them, look to find people whose work you admire and respect.

Ask your audience for help

This is something that journalists are doing more of. Journalists don’t know everything. Many newspapers don’t have the time and resources to investigate stories in ways they might want to.

This is one reason why more journalists now look to their audiences for help in telling and reporting stories. This is commonly known as Crowdsourcing.

You don’t just have to be a journalist to do this if you’ve built up a significant audience or community for your website why not ask them to help you produce interesting and relevant forms of content.

This can help build better engagement and relationships with your audience if they can see that they can participate in producing content.

You don’t have to work alone

For many people writing is a solitary activity. We rarely write with a group of people, but if we’re involved in a writing project there’s no reason why we can’t work with others.

We all have our own experiences and different backgrounds – just talking to people about our experiences can help motivate and inspire us as writers.

Daft Punk have already proved to be highly influential and successful in their careers, but for this album they decided to approach a diverse range of people to help create this album.

Nile Rogers speaks about how working with different artists like Daft Punk inspires both him and others artists to ‘up their game’. Working with other people can both inspire and challenge you to produce something better.

Talk about your collaborating experience

On Youtube Daft Punk have produced a number of short films called Random Access Memories: The Collaborators. Each film looks at a one of the collaborators behind the album. There’s a film for Nile Rogers, Giorgio Moroder, and Todd Edwards to name a few.

Each collaborator talks about how and why they became involved in working with Daft Punk on this album. They talk about what inspired and influenced them in working with the French Duo. What they were trying to achieve and create with their tracks on the album.

I really appreciated watching these interviews, it gave me more insight into the production of the album. It made me think that if you’re collaborating with other people to produce content, why not talk about it.

Explain to your audience how the collaboration came about. How and why did you decide to work together? What were the challenges you faced in working on this project.

Talking about your collaboration gives your audience a greater insight and understanding into the creative process of creating content.

Speak to experts

In the same way that journalists don’t know everything and increasingly ask their readers for help, we sometimes need to approach experts for guidance and insight.

Why not approach your favourite bloggers if they’re an expert in their chosen field. Ask for help from groups on LinkedIn. Look for collaborators on freelance websites like People Per Hour.

Daft Punk approached artists who they knew could bring something to the artistic table which the duo on their own couldn’t do.

There’s nothing wrong in admitting to your audience you don’t know everything and that you need help or have asked for help. It shows your human side

You may not be a Daft Punk fan. If you are I’m sure you’ll love the new album.

What they have shown is how collaborating with others can help produce forms of content, more interesting and more ambitious that what can be created in a solo environment.