Tip of the day: How to improve your writing: free tools and resources

On journalism.co.uk’s website I was reading this article which gives you links to tools and resources to help improve your writing.

How to improve your writing: free tools and resources

I thought it was quite useful which is why I’m sharing it with you. There were some things I was already aware of, but I think writing is something which you should always be looking to improve.

As writers we should never be satisfied that we know everything about writing. Here are some of the points I thought about after reading the article.

Keep your writing tight

When it comes to writing I believe ‘less is more’. Too many people write more than they have to. The difference between average and good writing, is that good writing is always succinct.

During my journalism training, I was taught the importance of not over writing. If you can say something in 15 words rather than 25 you should do so.

I always try to write using the least amount of words possible. I look at words and debate with myself the use and value of a particular word.

If I write something and decide a word of phrase isn’t adding anything I get rid of it. I like to make my words justify their place in my writing.


Cliches are boring.

It show’s a lack of imagination and I agree with the article when it says cliches are a lazy way of writing. I think we get conditioned into using tired overused words or phrases in our everyday speech and writing.

When you write, re-read what you’ve written and if you think you’ve used a cliche get rid of it and replace it with something else!

Online writing

Writing online and writing in print is very different. People’s attention spans are much shorter when it comes to reading online or on mobile phones.

When writing for these platforms you should always bare this in mind. Write short paragraphs – nobody wants to see huge blocks of text.

Use headers and sub headers to break the text up. Use headlines that will draw the reader in and remember SEO techniques like keyword research.

Think about the words or terms your readers are searching for. Where possible, include these in your titles or in the body of your written text to help search engines find your articles.