Tip of the Day: SEO Traffic Guide for non-SEOs: 2014 Edition

I’ve been having a look at this presentation about SEO on Slideshare. It was created by Ana Hoffman, Founder at TrafficGenerationCafe.com

It’s geared for all those non SEO people, but it’s still useful for anyone involved with SEO as it’s an industry that’s always evolving and which never stands still.

The presentation has been split into 8 different chapters focusing on the following:

1. Content
2. Google Semantic Search
3. Google+
4. Google Authorship and Schema Markups
5. Link Building Earning
6 Mobile SEO
7. Use Ignore Google Analytics
8. Keep us with marketing news

I found the chapter on Google+ useful as it’s only in the last year I’ve started using it.

To begin with I wondered whether I really needed to be on Google+, but like a lot of people involved in digital publishing and SEO, I’m realising that Google+ is something that can’t be ignored.

Definitely agree on the importance of mobile search. All content creators need to take into account mobile, due to the increase in people using smartphones to search on the internet.

There’s also quite a bit about Semantic Search. Semantic Search is something we all need to start getting up to date on very quickly.

This is seems to be where SEO is heading, and if you’re not up to speed I think you’re going to be left behind.