What’s happening with SEO in 2018

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working full time as a content marketing executive for a Business and technology consultancy firm.

I’ve been writing thought leadership papers and online articles about financial technology (Fintech) and regulation. In a marketing context, I’ve been responsible for creating thought leadership papers with the aim of generating leads for the business.

It’s meant that having a focus on SEO and keywords hasn’t really been a priority for me to consider for quite some time. Given the opportunity to take some time out from my day-to-day role, I’ve been paying more attention again to what’s going on in the world of SEO, particularly as we’re at the start of a new year.

Over at the Content Marketing Institute, they’ve got some tips for 2018.

SEO Marketing Strategy: Tips for Success in 2018

Some things don’t change and one of those is that keywords still matter. This doesn’t surprise me but from a content and editorial position I would still emphasis the importance of creating valuable and relevant content which incorporates the right keywords in the appropriate places.

I’ve always believed that if you’re only concern is keywords, you run the risk of forgetting the importance of creating content that your readers actually want to consume.

Secondly, identifying the right themes and topics that people are searching for is just as important as keywords. Certain topics, will at times naturally attract more search enquiries.

I found this to be the case in my day-to-day work. Some topics I had to write about would always see an increase in reader numbers. In finance and technology, I found that hot topics such as Blockchain were very popular, and the average number of readers attracted to the content would increase.

Third key point is that SEO should not be seen as one off, stand alone activity. Keep updating and re-evaluating your content on a regular basis. Make sure it still meets you’re SEO goals. If you have old content that can be reused, whether by updating or including back links to such content, make sure you do so.

And finally, content creators need to remember the importance of establishing greater engagement from users. Google rewards websites with a higher ranking, if they can see that visitors are spending a significant amount of time on that site. It assumes that the content must be of high value.

Apart from that, many of the key areas for SEO remain the same:

  • Implementing an effective linking strategy
  • Usability and website design
  • Reporting and analytics: You need to track and understand your users and how they have behaving and interacting with your web content
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly – Many people access web content through their mobile phones so your content must take this factor into account.

  • With SEO, I feel many of the fundamentals continue to remain the same but ongoing success is about keeping up to date with the latest SEO developments and making those small but necessary changes and adjustments that ensure that your SEO strategy remains effective and relevant.