Are you creating content for mobile devices?

Do you have a smartphone? The answer is probably yes. If not you certainly know someone who does.

If you do have a smartphone, how much time do think you spend surfing the internet? Are you using your phone more than your laptop or computer to find information online?

If you do, you’re part of a growing trend which will shortly see mobile phones overtake PCs as the most common way to access the internet.


This is such a major development, and for those of us involved in creating digital content it’s something that can’t be ignored.

In journalism, many news organisations such as the BBC, Reuters and CNN are now specifically tailoring content for a mobile market. If they’re doing it then those of us with our own business websites need to look at creating content for a mobile audience.

The growth of mobile

Earlier in the year the BBC launched a ‘responsive’ site which helps adapt its web content to fit the mobile device being used.

A successful mobile strategy can’t be about using your online web content and forcing it onto mobile devices. You have to think about the user experience and how content is experienced differently on mobile devices to that of PC’s and desktops.

This will mean looking at the layout and design of your content when it appears on smartphones and tablets, and making sure it can be accessed across different device types, operating systems and platforms.


You might need to look at who your audience and readers are and establish what type of mobile devices they like to use in order for you to reach them effectively.

To make your website mobile friendly have a look at Mobile Redirect. This feature will allow you to create a different version of your website specifically for mobile readers.

When someone visits your webpage, the feature will recognise the size of the visitors browser screen and based on this information, the visitor is directed either to your mobile site of stays on your main website

Sounds pretty cool and it’s worth knowing about.

You don’t have to be an expert in mobile technology – I’m not. First and foremost I’m a writer. You might not be the most techie of people yourself; but mobile can’t be ignored anymore so make sure it’s something you’re paying attention to.


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